This is the first flowering of my mini dend kingianum it has very nice soft perfume that smells a bit like carnations. The rest of my dendrobiums are showing signs of growth now winter is nearly over and some of my nobiles have some bumps swelling on them. Not sure if they're flower buds or not but this winter they have been dry as a bone, no water at all and looking very shrivelled. So we shall see if they flower. Its been a very cold winter here down to -8c at times and some of my phals didn't make it even though they were in a heated high humid environment But all my cats survived though. So i might concentrate on collecting the ones that have survived this winter. Some of my earlier acquired phals made it through, maybe they were more acclimatized
than the mid summer acquisitions. Nothing like a hard winter to weed out the weaklings.Name:  2015-08-27 08.17.48.jpg
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