I've received a few private messages recently inquiring if we accept donations and if so, how much is appropriate to send. (I've responded individually this morning, but wanted to post here too.) First of all, thank you for considering making a donation. Every bit helps and yes it is expensive to keep our dedicated server on-line and updated each month. [So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for any contribution to support this community!!]

Member contributions really do help offset our out-of-pocket expense. We offer two different ways members can help. The first is through a one-time donation. The second is through an OrchidTalk subscription.

How much is a good donation? Helping support the OrchidTalk forum by giving any amount is helping keep this community online and strengthen our mission of Bringing People Together to Grow Orchids Better. OrchidTalk is a free service for any visitor on the web. Your gift ensures that we are here to help every beginner and experienced grower alike share information and encouragement about growing and caring for these mysterious orchid plants that have captured our imagination.

On the subscription page we note that if only 90 of our active members selected the OrchidTalk Pals subscription our hosting cost could be completely covered. That subscription package is 15.00 dollars for 90 days. (Which amounts to 5.00 dollars a month or .16 cents a day.) This subscription really helps and is the most popular with the members here since it costs so little. (But can make a huge difference in our monthly expenses!)

See our Mission and History page to learn more about this community and how your contribution will be used to support the OrchidTalk community we all love so much.

To show your support and make a donation now, please click here! And thank you to all the subscribers (new and long time) as well as to the members who donate to help support OrchidTalk. You are greatly appreciated!