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Thread: Cattleya Alliance culture

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    Mar 2006
    Western NY (Region 5a)

    Default Cattleya Alliance culture

    I have a Blc. "Wanda's Fire" and Iwan. Apple Blossom "Fantastic" which I plan to keep in a south window. I was told to make sure it is filtered light. Are new windows with a "Low E" rating and screens considered filtered? I understand that direct sun can burn the leaves of these hybrids. What are the signs of burnt leaves? I live in western NY region 5a.


    Gregg C.

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    Mar 2005


    Hi Gregg!

    I grow quite a few catts. They like strong indirect light. You can tell if they are getting enough as the leaves will be a lighter green. If they are that dark green then they need more light. I find they need the temps right too. They like warm or at least mine do. I don't know about screens as I grow all of mine outside on a patio and bring them in and out on a metal rolling shelf when too cold or hot. When they fry it is pretty obvious. I recently left a cattelya basket out in direct light (sun moved on me) and two of the leaves turned black in one day. Not good. I've removed them and lovingly shading the last leaf who looks very lonely. Her name is Irene.... pray she gets better lol.

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    Dec 2004


    Welcome, Gregg! I don't think you can get into too much trouble with screened windows. That's what I have and I'm just north of Boston. Northern light, simply isn't as strong as southern light.

    Where are you located, Maegg? I'm not quite sure.

    Gregg, sunburn can manifest itself as large brown spots on leaves (it never heals, but if you suspect it, roll the plant back some), or cell collapse, which you'll see on waxy leaves that get indentations in the leaf. Untreated, the collapsed areas can then burn. I've had it happen on some paphs, but never on a Cattleya.

    Good luck, and keep posting pics and asking questions - that's how we've all learned!


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    Mar 2005


    I'm in south central texas so leaving something in direct light here insures it will be cooked thoroughly. I've fried my share of orchids. Irene got fried when I watered her and hung her on the end of my patio where it was shaded but by 5p it wasn't shaded anymore

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    May 2004
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    a south window is almost essential for blooming most catts properly up here in the northeast. If these are brand new plants that have not been exposed to much light in a while (i.e. on display in the dining room or something), you can start with them 3-4 feet away from the window and then move them up closer to the window over the matter of weeks. if you're around during the day the best indicator is leaf temperature. if it feels *very* warm, move the plants back. direct sunlight is not something to necessarily avoid, as the larger catts will bloom better with plenty of sun. direct sunlight that cooks the leaves is what causes sunburn.

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