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This is Raja (Login id Raja202b) from OrchidTalk Orchid Forum

Documented DeFlasking of orchids to know my mistakes and learn from experts. At the same time useful for other beginners.

Required items: Orchid flask , Hammer, Lighter, Old newspaper, Coconut husk , Coconut chunks , Semi-hydroponics, Fine coconut husk, Tree bark, charcoal, Bamboo sticks, lighter, Bucket of water, water spray.

Optional items: Decorative stones, garden cutting scissor.

Time : Around 5 hours.

Date : 27-Dec-2015

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01. Red many articles and tried DeFlasking.

Purchased this from flower shop. Shop Manager was very friendly and guided me how to DeFlask.

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02. Something written on the flask.Like
(R/C. Williette Wong X Yen 24 camt ) RK Samui magic

This is 20 seeds flask.

First time I came to know that they generate their own oxygen inside the flask.
Just they need brightness and clean environment.