Hey, everyone.

I have a quick question for you guys. I've only attempted to pollinate an orchid once and nothing came of it. I have a Phalaenopsis that I bought on discount, that has blooms. I have a Maxillaria Tenuifolia that has recently put out a single flower (smells awesome by the way). I also have a Miltassia Shelob "The Weed", that is currently in spike. So if all goes well, I'll have three different plants with multiple flowers a piece.

I'd really like to attempt to breed one or all of them, just for the experience. Even if I fail to establish them, I'd at least like a seed pod out of one of them. So, I'd like to know if I can breed any of these plants to each other or self pollinate one of them? I suppose, if I had to, I could grab some pollen from a Phal at a store in town, but that might be a little sketchy. I wouldn't want to end up in the clink for grand theft pollen.

The Miltassia Shelob "The Weed" was my first orchid and I'd really prefer to breed it. I have divided it recently, when it was first starting to spike. I didn't intend to do it while it was spiking, but I'd been meaning to do it for a while and it was out growing it's pot pretty badly. It seems to like the sphagnum moss I put in with the bark. The newer bulbs are plump instead of wrinkled. I usually get 6-8 flowers on a spike, when it blooms. So barring the buds dying, I'll have several of those flowers to work with.

The discount Phal has 2 spikes and several flowers. The Maxillaria Tenuifolia only has the one flower, but I could take the pollen and refrigerate it till I get another flower. On the other hand, if I can cross any of these, that'd be fine as well.

If anyone can give me advice on getting a seed pot out of any of these plants I'd appreciate it. I know they say you won't get keikis or new spikes out of the Miltassia Shelob spike, but I didn't know if that meant you couldn't pollinate the flowers either; or if you could pollinate the flowers, would it pollinate off different flowers of the same plant or off of a clone's flowers? Thanks for any help you can provide.