I'm new to the Orchid world. I bought my first orchid within the last few months and another one shortly after that. One of my orchids I decided to replant believing that was the best thing for it after watching many videos on it. I replanted it about a month ago. I soaked the medium and replanted the orchid. Two leaves fell off it it days after replanting it. I also started noticing root rot. Idecided to rreplant it once agian. This time all the roots were rotten. I cut Almost all the roots off of it this time except for a few, where I took the outer part off and left the inside root as all the roots were rot. This time I decided to plant into a dry mix.
I replanted it, stabilized it and placed it in a room where it will get sun but not very much.
I have been misting the top of the soil because a video I watched said that would help product root growth. Well, I'm guessing that was the wrong move as today I found white mold growing on one of the old roots that I had cut off. One good thing is a new leaf is sprouting! I just replanting it within the last week and I already have a leaf growing! Ya! But the mold... not so good.
I took a little peroxide I. The end of a question tip and dabbed where the mold was....
what should I do? I'm afraid if I replant agian it will kill my orchid.
help fellow orchid lovers!

Btw the other orchid I have is a two spike orchid. It's nice, green, & healthy. All my flowers just fell off a few days ago. Today I cut one of the stems all the way off and cut the other just below where the flowers were. Was this the right move?
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