For the past few years, I've been trying to grow this Fillipino plant called : Medinilla Magnifica without success.

The first one came from a Nursery, and it was doing good (I had it planted where my orchids are now located) ...UNTIL... it rained and flooded. Then we moved to another house 12 miles away.

Again I purchased another from the same Nursery. Planted it on the side of my balcony. Again it was doing good until ??? You got it ... Heavy Rains and the roof drains overflowed and guess where? Aaaargh.

After the divorce five years ago, I moved back to the first house where I tried again.

A small one (about 12") purchased from the internet. Too small and couldn't handle the change in environment ... planted it in a large clay pot .. but it died. So how come I can grow everything else but this dumb thing?

I suggested previously to one of my neighbors to buy one from the original nursery which they did and here it is: ENVY!

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The Nursery has gone out of business so we can't buy one anymore and no one else sells it.
Soooooo, I got permission to try air layering and here it is. Hopefully it works.

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Will let you know in 2-3 months. Wish me Luck!