Hi Everyone, I am wondering if my Oncidium is savable after noticing the main pseudobulb has rot on one side. There are only three bulbs, the other two looks done for. I had posted about this orchid before because I bought it in terrible condition and hoped I could save it (clearance rack). But the majority of the roots were rotted themselves and I had to removed them, or rather they removed themselves when I repotted the plant. The rot started after I replanted it. I read somewhere you can scoop out the rot in some cases, as the other side of the pseudobulb seems unaffected. But I'm not sure what I'm doing. I'm new to this and my first Oncidium is a sick one. Let me know if there is a chance at reviving this plant and how I can do this. I would love some advice on how to water a plant who looks thirsty but whose roots I'd like to dry out.

I woud LOVE to upload some pictures, but there seems to be a matter of sizing to which I have no idea how to make my pictures smaller and therefor acceptable for this website.