Sphagnum, in particular, and the moss are protected and may not be collecting in the wild, we can do is cultivate it, it is not complicated, but you have to follow certain rules.
Let's see how craftsmen build a sfagnera to play sphagnum that we need for our plants.
We begin with a list of basic materials we need to build the sfagnera.
-A Pan, the size is constrained by the amount of sphagnum moss that needs us and must have a minimum height of 10 cm.
-A Retina, with the meshes too loose, like mosquito nets, shading, etc.
-Pipe Type that used in electrical systems.
-Gloves Latex, used to handle with sphagnum security.
In case you have small wounds or injuries to the hands, there is a remote possibility that a type of fungus ( "Sporothrix schenckii") who lives in close contact with sphagnum, penetrating into the damaged part causing a rare but dangerous infectious disease, the "Sporotrichosis".
-Of Perlite, a very light material and float, to allow our small island of floating peat.
-Torba Sphagnum, is used to form the floating island.
-Water In which the small island of peat will float, it must be pure, free of pollutants, rainwater type, personally use that obtained by reverse osmosis, to 50 ppm = 0,1μS / cm.
Prepare the pan, maybe I'll explain better with a drawing.

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We have to put a pipe bend elle in one side, that can be used for electrical installations and must be attached to the wall, can be used of the hot glue, the tube will serve to introduce the water, we insert the retina, after making a hole for passing the tube and the adagiamo in the tank so that it adheres to the walls.
Above the retina adagiamo perlite and then make a layer of 4 0 5 cm., Above we put as much of sphagnum peat and introduce the water through the tube.
We expect two or three days so that the peat moss to dunk.
Take the heads of sphagnum and we plant.

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Within a few months we will get the sphagnum moss that needs us, when it has reached the desired length, we cut and grow back.
For the moss is the same, instead of sphagnum moss, and we will spread.
For the moss alternatively take the pan adagiamo a layer of dry moss and put the moss, different from the first system is that the irrigation autonomy is very limited and we have to irrigate it frequently without drying.