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Thread: Onc and Intergenic Repotting Discusion

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    Default Onc and Intergenic Repotting Discusion

    Please post your tips, methods, do's and don'ts for repotting Ons and Intergenics in this thread. (YES, I KNOW, YOU MAY NOT TREAT THEM THE SAME _ SO POST ABOUT EACH!!)Tell us what kind of everything - pot type, media, hormones, fungicides, tools, soak times, when to repot, why to repot, trim the roots, etc... Try to be specific when mentioning dilution rates for sprays, hormones, etc.

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    Down here in New Zealand, I am using a mixture of media to grow my oncid’s and alliances.
    They range from slab through to coconut .The straight Oncids only get repotted as needed but only in the spring /early summer when new growth is underway .They get no special treatment and get potted into a pot that will allow one to two years growth .The medium that gets used has to do more with the pot size than the water requirements of the plants ,that is to say the smaller the pot the finer the media, hence for a 2 inch tube I use chopped coconut husk which has a grading of 7-30.It is quite fine ,and I am also using this for the intergenerics up to a pot size of about 5-6inch.
    The plants are removed from the pots with care, no prep work is done on the plant to start with, it is all seen to once it is out of the pot. Old mix is removed where it can and a new pot selected. and some new mix put into the bottom of the pot . The plant is cleaned up, divided if necessary, dead roots removed and old left sheaths also removed.
    The plant is now placed in the pot and new mix is used to fill the pot, trying to make sure that there are no air pockets, even if it means tapping the pot on the hard ground.
    The other main mix I use for these plants in Pine bark, grade 3 and grade 4, with grade 4 being the larger.
    As for slab culture, I am using two types of mounts the first being Tree fern and the second is branches from trees with a rough bark.
    The plants for slab culture these days don’t get anything like spag. put behind them, but get tied on using a nylon type fabric tie that I get from garden centers I find that in my conditions that holds enough moisture.

    Normal watering is carried out and it may be a day or two be fore the plants a watered after repotting , but I have a misting setup that mists the plants daily.
    I have included a photo of Oncidium crispum that was mounted 12 months ago and Oncidium flexuosum back bulbs that were mounted only 3months ago.

    Heres hoping that this helps you all
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