Hi All!

I just moved my plants from Florida to Michigan, and obviously I needed to learn to grow indoors. I got some fluorescents and here is my new set-up. It's been up for only a few days, so I'm sort of watching and waiting to see if my plants will be happy or if they need more/less light. Currently the temp is between 65 and 70, and the humidity doesn't hit 50%. I definitely need to kick the heat and humidity up a bit, but don't know how to do that without cranking the heat up in the house and sweating it out for my plants (which I would probably do if it weren't for the cost of heating...). I'm hoping to get some suggestions from indoor growers here to get an ideal climate going, because after the bugs and the slugs I encountered in Florida, I don't want to have my plants outdoors ever again. Any ideas are appreciated!! THANKS.


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