Hi everyone,

I have gor Aerangis ellisii and Aerangis articulata as a present, and now I am in search for culture tips. Sources in the internet are somehow controversial: some say it needs to dry out fast, some - it should never dry out... here is a summary of what I understood so far, so please comment. I am planning to have them inside, near window, potted. I am based in Denmark, with moderate climate and ok humidity (we live near sea):

Light : more than Phals, less then Catlea... some bright shaded window East/South-West facing
Temperature: room temperature will generally do, likes pretty good drop in temperatures between day and night, in winter can tolerate pretty low temp at night (source says even 9-11C). Likes air movement, like most of orchids
Humidity: 75-80%´summer, 65-70% winter. Here is a question: can it still do ok in usual room humidity of about 40% + spraying once/twice a day? Or it is quite demanding about humidity?
Water: here is my main confusion: one source suggests to water heavily during spring-summer, but roots should dry out between watering, and quite fast. to me sounds somewhat like Catlea-type watering, so I would say, soaking quite often but ensuring fast drying out of roots. Autumn-winter (not in active growth) - less water, let it stay dry for a couple of days + misting once in a while. The other source says, that plant should never dry out, so something more like Oncidium-type watering and media.
Media: shallow pot or basket with middle-size bark, no spagnum to ensure fast drying... Or some water retention is needed? My weather conditions are quite moderate, we live near sea in nother Europe, so extreme heat/dryiness happen very rarely. Mount is not for me, it seems, since they write that it may require several waterings a day. Or is should be Oncidium-type, with some moss added or really fine bark/leca?...

Please help before I kill the guys... One is growing roots now, the other one is growing a new leaf. Both came planted in Green Mix, but I cannot handle it, the roots just die in in in my care...