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Many new growers ask similar questions. In response to these questions, our Senior Members have created this FAQ section of our forum to help new growers find the answers they need ASAP. So, please check here before posting your question as you might get instant gratification! Below are some links to specific genera and their culture. Click on the name of the orchid and you will link to a window about that particular type of orchid. If you are unable to find your answer in our FAQ's, please post your question in "Ask a Senior Member" and one or more of our experienced members will be happy to help you find the information you are seeking. Good growing and WELCOME to OrchidTalk!

Name:  cattleya.jpg
Views: 2583
Size:  107.2 KB Cattleya - KAT-lee-uh

Name:  dendrobium.jpg
Views: 2552
Size:  98.4 KB Dendrobium - den-DROH-bee-um

Name:  oncidium.jpg
Views: 2646
Size:  126.8 KB Oncidium - on-SID-ee-um

Name:  papheoplidum.jpg
Views: 2305
Size:  113.7 KB Paphiopedilum - paff-ee-oh-PED-ih-lum

Name:  Phalaenophsis.jpg
Views: 2560
Size:  101.1 KB Phalaenopsis - fail-eh-NOP-sis

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