I don't know if someone could help me. I have a bunch of phals, mostly rescues from my local home improvement superstore...they don't have names, but most have them have really perked up after re-potting in phal mix, watering regularly and fertilizing weakly. I have them all on the same regimen and they were all bought at around the same time. They have all shown huge improvement, new roots, new leaves, bright upright foliage, even one with a hole in the center put out a basal keiki. But two of them have just not thrived, they are droopy and sad and have not put out new leaves or roots or anything, and the leaves are just lack lustre. What am I doing wrong? They all have the same growing conditions, right down to the pots...? Please let me know if anyone has any ideas...appreciate all your help!

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These are the healthy ones...

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