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Thread: Sharry Baby finally in bloom

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    Default Sharry Baby finally in bloom

    Good morning! Good News! After a few frustrating seasons with my Sharry Baby and some good advice from my mentors here, it has finally decided to reward me with a few spikes. My questions are: 1). What determines which pseudobulbs will flower? I recently repotted her, and there are a good assortment of large orange-sized pseudobulbs in the center, thinner and taller pseudobulbs next to them and smaller ones on the periphery. None of the larger ones have ever flowered. 2). Is there a male/female kind of sexual dimorphism controlling which bulbs will bloom? 3). Is it too late for the larger ones that have never bloomed before? 4). Seems to have been a temperature trigger for this round of inflorescence. Is that the case with Sharry Baby?

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    Always a favourite! Always best to post pictures if you can Yosh. Orange sized pb's are a bit odd for Sharry Baby.

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    The only bulbs which will flower in 9 out of 10 orchids are this year's , or last year's. Older than that, no chance.
    If the central bulbs are the largest, and get successively smaller , that does carry a message ; I don't have to spell it out do I ?
    In general ( there are some rare exceptions) the bigger the bulb, the better the culture. The better the culture, the more chance of flowering and the better the flowers will be too.

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    More thoughts. Sexual dimorphism ( whatever that means,) ; no. Temperature trigger ? Not with Sharry Baby - this is true with a lot of dendrobiums and almost every vandaceous orchid, but in the oncidium group, no.
    But the shape of the bulbs does vary according to culture. But the shape does not seem to affect flowering. Tall thin ones can flower as wells short fatter ones ; but I suspect that the tall thin ones might have become tall fat ones if the culture had been different.

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