I'd like to share a semi-hydro success story for two orchids and one non-orchid!

I potted up a Phal. Guadalupe Pineda that wasn't doing so well S/H and it really took -- new leaf and root growth so I decided to try out an Angraecum ellisii. It was touch and go for a few months but it has now started to grow roots straight down into the medium and is doing well! I'll say that I've been giving it special attention -- it's on a heat mat and has it's own 25 watt LED grow light about 5 inches from the top of the plant to supplement the other LEDs. Pictures are below. Old leaves show some dehydration but the newer leaves look nice!

For the non-orchid, I got sick of soil getting everywhere when I watered my Monstera deliciosa, so repotted S/H (worrying about root rot, etc.) but it readily rooted into the LECA even in the cold winter months.

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