Hello everyone,
I admit I am a total newbie when it comes to grow lights as I was spoiled with a house with many east facing windows. However I am finishing medical school in May and have put a bid in on a house in the city that I matched in to complete my residency. The house has great qualities but is really short on natural light. My orchids are on two shelving systems that sit in front of large windows. I would like to purchase some economical (energy and initial purchase price wise) lighting systems for the orchids. I also like a natural looking light as opposed to the "purple glow" that I see from some of the lighting. I have seen 3 tier systems with natural looking LED light selling for around $850 USD which has light on each of the three shelves. I am not sure if this is the best way to go or if there is a better way to light up my green things since I can no longer depend on natural light. My oncidium hybrids will go under the patio on a table most likely but the paphs and phals will be the ones using the lights. Any suggestions are appreciated.