Hey everyone. This is my first year growing my plants under lights. They are grown in a semi-permeable room (doggie door, older house, etc.). This room is connected to the rest of the house, but there is no air conditioning vent in it. We removed the door and use a two paneled curtain to separate it from the rest of the house, as needed. In the past, I've summered my plants outside, but I still wasn't able to give them quite enough light, especially during the hot part of the year. At our place, it's pretty much full shade with some moving spots of full sun, so really difficult to keep it dialed in correctly. I would winter the plants in the same room they're in now, in a southern window. We have a homemade fountain in a large porch pot that helps keep the humidity up, as well as the "semi-permeable" nature of the room itself. No problem with temps in winter, as I just use a small space heater to keep it above 60. The other half grows his phals in this room in a larger northern window. Now that the summer temperatures are here, it's becoming evident that it will be a problem providing a good day/night temperature differential without growing them so hot during the day as to stress them. At night with the curtains pulled back, the AC will cool it some, but not quite as cool as the rest of the house. I'm thinking it's going to bottom out at about 75 if I'm lucky. I'm not sure the ten degree differential is going to be enough. Have any of you used swamp coolers before? I never have. I've seen a few smaller affordable units online. I don't have big bucks for a super duper awesome and expensive unit right now, as I've about topped out in investing in my hobby for the year already. Are these coolers very effective? Think I could get the room down to 65-70 at night? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please, any feedback on the subject would be very welcome. I like the idea of cooling the room that way, and any added humidity is always a plus. Right now, it averages about 55%. Thanks in advance.

Sorry should have mentioned my plants under lights are various cattleya hybrids.