Hey everyone,

I've had this orchid for a couple years and it was reliably growing new leaves and roots. Recently I noticed it's leaves were becoming limp, and a few turned yellow and fell off. I chalked this up to a recent move but its been two months now and upon further investigation, it appears it's actually because the roots were all rotted and it hasn't been taking up moisture.

Naturally I turned to the internet to help, but there are so many differing methods out there and I'm scared to try any as I feel this poor orchid is on the brink of death as it is! I am hoping y'all can give me some sound advice for how best to proceed.

I took it out of it's growing medium and pot (I probably should have repotted it a long time ago...). Attached are photos of what I'm working with. I used sterile shears to cut off a few of the extremely rotted roots, but I just sort of peeled what vellum I could off some of the other ones because I wasn't sure if keeping these 'strings' around was necessary - they're verrrrrry dry and brittle feeling, so assuming not but I left them for now. Some of the aerial roots seem sketchy at the base too, but they're still quite firm for the most part. I have not sprayed with any kind of peroxide/similar. Is she salvageable?

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***Sorry, I also should have mentioned most of the aerial roots seem flimsy at their base and the most 'firm' one has a kink in it - a soft-ish but not mushy 'folded' bit, you can see it in pics 2, 3 and 4 where the vellum looks sort of frayed.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer me and this poor orchid!