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One of the (few) UK dealers was selling plants a few years ago, ( I bought this one from him) and proclaimed it as a new species.I told him that he was wrong; we had an argument, but I think I won, when I said that I reckoned it had been aroung long before we ere both born, probably for the last few million years. Actually Odm naevium ( correct name ?) was described by Lindley in 1850. Maybe it has not been offered by dealers until recently, but that is another matter.
What a pedant I am. Comes of being a lawyer where every word has some meaning, and God help you if you use the wrong one when you are against me in Court... ha-ha.

I must say that the one illustrated by Jay in IOSPE is much nicer than this, but this is the only one I have ever seen on offer, so it will have to do.
My plant got up to about 8 or 9 spikes in a 5 or 6 inch pot, but seemed so congested you could not really appreciate the flowers. So I divided it, and have two pots, very similar. But the flowers are more visible now, and maybe it will improve given a bit of space to develop.