I posted last month asking for advice about the new orchid I had acquired, and wanted to give an update! About three weeks after I took that guy home, I did get some supplies and repot him in a larger pot - I am a little concerned it's too big, but overall he seems to be doing okay and there is definitely room to grow, so I will keep an eye on him.

And I seem to have been doing something right, because he is growing a ton! There are three new root nubs that I can see in the stem above the potting media, as well as several new tips on the older roots! There's also a new leaf emerging! It's so exciting to watch the tiny little nubbins turn into emerging roots and to see the leaf slowly unfurl and grow. I'm really thrilled that this guy has gone from a sad and withered, broken plant destined to be tossed to thriving in my windowsill, and hopefully I can keep him alive for many months and years to come!

Here are some pictures.

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