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Thread: Dendrobium Kingianum problem...

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    Jun 2019

    Default Dendrobium Kingianum problem...

    Hi all.
    I have a Dendrobium Kingianum. It did great until about 2 months ago. There are new growths, in one month 5 new canes, but, as soon as they start to open up. Silvery leaves, tips are turning brown and eventually die before they can even mature...there are some white spots as well. I suspect these are mites but not sure.
    Help? any suggestions?

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    Bruce Brown
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    Mar 2003
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    Yes, clean the foliage with rubbing alcohol and when you water, put a fan blowing directly on the plant to dry it off quickly to keep this from happening again. Also, the brown leaf tips could be from fertilizer burn. Be sure to flush the pot well after applying fertilizer.


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    Roy Lee
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    Cattleya, Ascda, Vanda, Paphs.
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    What sort of mix do you have it in ?? & do you have it sitting in water ??
    It also appears to be way over potted also & in a clear pot, 2 no no's. Also, it appears to be growing inside your home, a place these take some dedication in getting to grow well. These like fresh air, wet then dry & do not like a wet root system. If the plant was growing outside I'd say the leaves have has red spider infestation but this leaf problem can happen in line with any of the above. Help with a run down on culture will help solve problem (hopefully)

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    Geoff Hands
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    Oct 2010
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    Looks like red spider mite to me. Wipe the leaves both sides with damp cotton wool, and then look at the colour of the cotton wool. If it is brown/red that confirms the diagnosis of red spider ( false spider) mite.
    They are said to flourish in an atmosphere too dry.

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