I recently ordered a small Phalaenopsis. It arrived it good condition with two spikes of buds. It is in Sphagnum moss in a 2" clear plastic pot and the roots appear REALLY crammed in. I asked the vendor, and the reply was wait until it has finished blooming to re-pot it. But, every time I look at the roots, I cringe. I'll try to post a picture later today.

A couple of the buds have opened, but my guess is that it will be many months before it finishes blooming.

In theory, I have two options: re-pot or wait. However, I have come up with a third alternative: I could remove the plant from the existing pot but not remove any potting material. Then I could fill a bigger pot (say 3") with sphagnum moss, create a hole in the center, and just insert the existing root ball (plus existing sphagnum) into the new pot. While not ideal, this would allow the roots to grow with minimal disturbance of the blooming plant. As soon as the plant has finished blooming, I could do a full re-pot on it.

Any thoughts?