Hi all

I am looking for some advice on my Dendrobium Speciosum.
Is it ok to repot at this time of year mid autumn? It seems to be in growth.
Iíve had it for a few years and this is the first time it might flower for me.

Photo 2: Has 3 new growths developing and a few roots. One growth might get trapped on the side of the pot. Hence my thought it would be best to repot.

Photo 3: Buds developing. Will they stall if I repot?

Photo 4: Is it a Keiki or just a tiny growth due to no strength on that side of the plant? Also some roots which may be dying back. I have since covered them with a bit of spag to retain some moisture.

Photo 5: what are the sunken pits on my leaves. I cannot see any scale. I thought it might be marks they can naturally get on older leaves but I think this is definitely something else.

AND...still more questions. I promise Iím nearly finished
When I repot, do I leave the old canes on to drop off naturally or remove and apply cinnamon? I think they also have been sunburnt.

Do I cut of the bottom third of the roots to stimulate new growth as Gerry Walsh The rock Lily man suggests. You should see him in action with his hatchet!

Thanks for your help.

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