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Sometimes listed as Aliceara, or Bealleara. A hybrid of six different species , the small proportion of Brassia verrucosa in it giving it the nicely starry shape, and the various miltonias adding a lot of colour. Some oncidiums too, including the one we used to know as an Odontoglossum but which is now Oncidium alexanderae.
Has been awarded in different colour forms which I have never seen - I think this colour type is the only one ever seen this side of the Atlantic. The awarded ones had 9 flowers per spike too - mine here has or will have 7 I think, and that is pretty good for our plants too. Maybe it odes better in warmer climes. But double spiking is commonplace, on plants not a lot stronger than this.

Slow to develop the flowers, slow to open, but quite long-lasting - those things usually go together.