Hi Iím not sure how to submit photos on phone

I didnít know it was doing poorly when I bought it, it was my first orchid. Discovered bad root rot, so pit into bark. Rot progressed and now itís water culture and roots are doing really well, green and hard.

However I noticed the leaves are getting poorly, getting wrinkly and covered in yellow spots and now brown dry, hard pits. Iíve used hydrogen peroxide to no avail and noticed the brown pits getting worse. Itís not raised and I donít think itís oedema.

I brought the plant to a local nursery and the ďplant expertĒ just said ďfungus sporesĒ and left. In a facebook orchid group, I was told to just leave it alone but Iím too worried to do nothing.

Should I cut off the leaves? Do I buy some copper fungicide?
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