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When I started growing orchids, this sort of thing was called an Odontioda - a primary between Odontoglossum nobile and a Cochlioda (noezliana ?) . Nearly as good as this too - 60 years ago.
I had a beauty - Oda F.J.Hanbury. wish I had it now !

I recall a conversation with the Curator at the Eric Young Foundation fairly soon after Eric Young died, and he ( it was the late Alan Moon at that time) told me that he too loved this sort of orchid, but regretted that he could not grow more "because you can't win an award with them" - and the Foundation Trust deed demands that they win awards. But this shows that there is a dead-end in breeding here. One day someone may find a way past it, and I guess that in terms of habit and flower number, this is about as good as they can get.

Oncostel implies a shot of what was once called Odontoglossum bictoniense - another name from the past, named for Bicton Gardens, or estate - which coincidentally I visited with family in the summer just gone, taking great-grandchildren to the adventure playground there. NO orchids now...