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The answer to the riddle:

On the left side:

Paphiopedilum Bingleyense (Keeling 1899) = Paphiopedilum charlesworthii × Paphiopedilum Harrisianum.

Paph. Harrisianum = Paph. barbatum x Paph. villosum.

On the right side:

Paphiopedilum Robin Hood (Sanders[St Albans] 1917) = Paphiopedilum Bingleyense × Paphiopedilum Gaston Bultel (syn Paphiopedilum Baron Schröder).

Paph. Gaston Bultel = Paph. fairrieanum x Paph. Oenanthum.
Paph. Oenanthum = Paph. Harrisianum × Paph. insigne
Nice! These are complex - yet familiar paphs.