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My cymbidiums have suffered from their recent neglect probably more than most of the orchids - sp[ikes growing without any spiking, and few being straight ( or properly curved, if that is their habit) , but now after my wife's funeral , and all the family have gone back to their respective homes, I am left alone, and filling the time as full as possible is the best way to avoid feeling that awful nag of a big black hole in my life. So I have started spending every afternoon in the greenhouse doing a big move around, sort-out, and whatever.
Few of these plants are in show condition, but a few are good enough to bring into the house to enjoy. All of the cymbidiums were repotted 2 years ago, and divided at the same time, and have been grown with an automatic watering system - micro-drip ( gardena) which has worked very well. My sort-out involves moving them to a new position with more head-room, and necessarily re-building the watering system at the same time.

White flowers are always nice - if they don't spot from high humidity or cold, and the typical Bling Bling lip sets this off nicely to my mind.