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Burrageara Nelly Moser. Widely available, from time-to-time in supermarkets, garden centres etc. I must have bought a dozen of them over the last 30 or 40 years. Very easy for the big industrial mass production units to grow, not so easy for the hobbyist ; I doubt if it would do much on a window-sill, and even for those of us with proper greenhouses, it is not easy. It is in the Oncidiniae, probably is an Oncidium nowadays; shops call it a "cambria" which is a nonsense - no such genera or grouping - that comes from the Dutch orchid traders who are superb growers, but generally not interested in taxonomy ; as an aside, the first orchid which they mass produced by tissue meristemming - at one time producing 3 million plants per year, was ( what proper orchid growers, and those interested in taxonomy ) called Vuylstekeara Cambria , var.Plush. I know all this because for one thing, the guy who ran the nursery at Plush ( in my home county) was a friend - now deceased - Keith Andrew. The Dutch latched onto the Cambria bit, and call all oncidium group inter-generic hybrids Cambria. Which tends to make me foam at the mouth......
Whatever. What it needs is very equable temperatures, not too hot, not too cold, not much difference ; always moist, never wet, never dry, good light, and again never too much etc... Easy in one of those giant greenhouses under computer control, not easy in a hobbyist set-up.
But I have just started on the mamoth task of bringing my greenhouse and its orchids back from near ruin ( i hardly went in there for 4 or 5 months whilst my wife was dying, and afterwards...)and started by cleaning 7 or 8 years of dirt off the glass, inside and out - using a 120 bar water jet, and the light is so good now that I feel I need to wear sunglassses in there. Not a lot in flower, unsurprisingly, although orchids are tough old birds, and I am surprised by how many plants I did find for my first Spring Show on Saturday . This one won't be in of course, I only bought it last week. The others, I will leave to photograph unoil after the show.