In my former house, I had Gram Scriptum var Leopard "NN" and Citrinum in coconut fiber wire baskets. When they grew too large to hang, I merely placed the baskets on the ground, under a tree. One gets the morning sun; the other gets the afternoon sun. They both flourished and just keep growing - currently more than 3' diameter each - with no care at all, solely sun and 3x/week lawn automatic watering. The roots grew out through the coconut fiber, but I've never been able to see where they went (along the ground, into it, etc.) because the upright air roots surround everything.

At my new home, I just brought in a Gram Broga tiger. Its blooms look just like the Leopard. Is this a different species? variety? Or a new name?

It is in a plastic pot and is probably a year away from needing repotting. I read about a gentleman whose grew so large he couldn't even find the basket, and merely placed it on a coconut fiber shell. It died. So I'm trying to plan ahead and figure out where I'll end up putting this new one and how to "encase" it. I could just keep placing it in larger and larger plastic pots. Has anyone merely placed the pot partway into the ground? With any success?