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Thread: Nobile Dendrobium Keikis

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    Default Nobile Dendrobium Keikis

    Hey yíall! Hope everyone is well

    So, I have about 10 keikis on my nobile-type Dendrobium. This is the second time itís thrown out keikis (although last time it was only 2, so much more prolific this time around). Last time I cut them off to conserve energy. However, Iíve heard mixed reactions about this. Some growers say to leave them on, allow them to mature and youíll get a greater flower display. What are your thoughts and opinions on this? It seems hell-bent on keiki-ing so Iíve just been letting nature take its course and have not cut any off yet. If Iím able to leave them on and get a massive display, that would be awesome!
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    There are three reasons you'll get a lot of keikies:
    • The plant is genetically programmed to do so, as is common in some phalaenopsis species.
    • Your culture is lacking for the particular plant; this is a strategy to reproduce when things "ain't quite right" for good flowering and potential pollination.
    • Both.

    Removing keikies doesn't conserve energy, it wastes it.

    The plant has already expended some resources growing what it has, so removing them and throwing them away is a waste, right from the start. Plus, a keiki photosynthesizes, incorporates nutrients and produces fuel, storing them and water that is shared with the mother plant it is attached to. Removing them may prevent the further commitment of resources, but it also takes away the plants' ability to produce them at a greater rate.

    If you're getting a lot of keikies with nobile dendrobiums, I suggest you leave them be and try to find what the plant needs that you're not providing.

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    Hi Kelly,
    On a nobile-type dendrobium I say leave them on the plant. I hope you will share photos when it blooms!


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    Yeah, following here.

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