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Thread: Vanda root growth tips fading.

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    Default Vanda root growth tips fading.

    New to the forum and new orchid grower. Recieved a vanda in a bag as a gift, and read what I could about the vandacious group. It grew new roots as soon as I soaked it in rainwater thoroughly a few times, and I water it a couple of times daily. It lives outside in central Florida, bare root in a basket, with a couple of hours of early morning sun. Roots look ok, quite green when wet, silvery when dry, but many of them have lost their growth tips. (Not chewed off, just seem to be fading away.) Otherwise the root looks good. Can't seem to find out if this is normal or an indication of a problem. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    The disappearance of the green/yellow/red root growth tips simply means they are not actively growing.That could be a case of the plant “taking a rest”, or it could indicate a minor cultural issue.

    Lack of humidity is not likely the problem down there. Do you have any info on your water quality or municipal treatment. Have you been feeding it at all? If so, what formula, how much do you mix per gallon, and how often have you been applying it?

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    Not really sure of water quality, but I mostly use collected rain water. I feed weekly with better gro orchid plus, mixed at 1 teaspoon per gallon. Every 4th week I feed better gro orchid better bloom instead, also mixed at 1 teaspoon per gallon of rain water. Day time temps have been mostly in the mid 90's, mid to high 70's at night. Curious if the shifting sun (moving south) may have shortened the amount of sun it receives and I hadn't noticed as I leave for work before sunrise. Also the plant is under screen in a pool enclosure. It occurs to me that I don't sunburn sitting there, but I will outside of it. My weather station says our daytime humidity is typically mid 60's during the day, mid to high 90's in the morning when I get up. Again I thank you for any information, as I suspect I am in way over my head. Answered many questions you didn't ask, but it occurred to me after my previous post that it really didn't offer that much info.
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    Seems as though amount of light may have been a little low. Started putting it out into sunlight after work for as long as there is any, and now growth tips are reappearing. Probably also underestimated the amount of light my pool enclosure screens cut out. May keep this one alive yet!
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