Hello All,
It has been quite a while since I have been on OrchidTalk. I have a Monticello 8x16 greenhouse that has been operational for 3 years, My Johnson Controls thermostat went out on me several weeks ago and I lost over 25 orchids due to the heater being on for multiple hours. My electrician determined the Johnson thermostat needed to be replaced and the new one I purchased was installed last week. It appears my heater is also not working properly and my guess is the thermostat may be the issue. I live in the Atlanta area and the cold temperatures will not be a big concern within the next few weeks but I need to replace the heater ASAP. The heater's minimum temp is 50 and should come on but it is heating when it is well over 50 F. I have an exhaust fan wired to the Johnson thermostat which is integrated with the heater. Does anyone have recommendations (brand/model) for a 240V heater? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Jeffy B