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Thread: Orchid Help Needed!!!

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    Aug 2021

    Default Orchid Help Needed!!!

    Hi there!
    I'm having an issue with 2 of my orchids, a keiki and a full grown plant. They have both been getting wrinkly leaves, and I have assumed they need more water, so I've been watering much more often. I've since noticed some of the roots are developing brown spots and their growth is stunted and now I'm concerned it may be root rot. One of them is a keiki and only has 2 leaves and 2 roots, and the other only has one leaf left (still green, but very wrinkly), so they are both rather weak. What should I do?
    Thank you so much to anyone that responds
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    Bruce Brown
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    Hi Farah,

    If the orchid roots got too dry, they may not be able to take in water, and adding more will likely (as you guesses) rot them. It is probably time to unpot them and place them in a partially sealed zip lock bag on some damp sphagnum in a more shaded area. If you post a photo it will be a bit easier to help you. I'm guessing you have a phal orchid.


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    Ray Barkalow
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    Welcome, Farrah.

    If a plant is getting wrinkled, it is not getting enough water. If that is not remedied by more watering, root rot is likely, but can you fill in a few blanks, please?

    What is it potted in? Moss, bark, etc.

    When was it last repotted?

    What is the condition of the potting medium?

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