Hi there! I bought this orchid from a plant shop (it was very cheap, like 2 dollars or so), but as usual there's not an ID tag on it... It does looks like a Dendrobium orchid, it seems to be healthy (pseudobulbs and leaves are plump and have some roots with green tips), it also looks like it's growing a new pseudobulb and have already bloomed before (because of the spent flower spikes).

But what I'm curious about is because the orchid is growing from a rhizome, I mean, all dendrobium I've seen and also those I already have, the canes grow one near the other, you cannot see a rhizome between each other. I was looking for something similar over the Internet but cannot find any dendrobium having a rhizome like this.

Here's some pictures... I hope it grows fast so I can see the blooms and finally know what I have

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