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Thread: How much water?

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    Apr 2006

    Default How much water?

    My plants in bark mix all seem to dry out extremely fast. I thoroughly soaked them yesterday in the sink and this evening they feel bone dry even if I feel down into the mix. They are all in orchid pots or terra cotta.(My phals and doritaenopsis are in sphagnum and they are all doing really well) I am aware of not overwatering but especially with my newly repotted plants I think I probably need to water almost daily at the minute. I mist them in the morning. I keep reading information that indicates once weekly but this doesn't seem nearly enough so I am watering more. They are dendrobiums and a couple of BLC's. If the medium feels dry how long should I leave it dry before watering again. Thanks.

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    Jul 2006
    barstow california


    I water almost every day,BUT i have a couple fans on high that blow across every plant,Alot of air movement.All mounted or plants in baskets will dry out by evening every day and they are ither in sphag or mounted under sphag.The ones in bark even the hanging ones take about three days to dry completly in plastic pots,the ones in terracotta dry quicker because the pots breathe.newly potted orchids in bark hold far less water.If you didnt soak your bark and rince it off it will take a while to become water loged,or be able to retain more water so watering every day if they are bone dry is probbaly ok just watch the bark because gradually it will retain water for longer periods of time.also if your humidity level is low they will dry out quicker.read up on the dens and blc's you have.on almost all my dens and blc,catts ect i let them dry out completly then water,but some want to always be moist,dens,tell us what type you have and surley some smart person here will have culture requirements for them

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    Oct 2006
    Bethesda, MD


    I have the same problem. My mix is entirely medium bark and coconut husk chips. About a day or so after watering, all of the medium seems as if i never watered it. I keep about 50-60% humidity, with a fan blowing periodically. I mist heavily each morning, and add a few drops of rooting solution and superthrive in the misting water. 75 degrees during the day, and 68-70 at night. Some of my dens are growing new roots, some arent. Most of them are den phals, or other hybrids, so they all should be getting the same amount of light (about 20k - 25k lux)

    In the past, I've killed many dens by overwatering, so now I think I'm in the other direction. Given that the signs of underwatering and overwatering are the same, I never know if I'm doing it right. I'm curious to see if you sorted out your watering schedule. Now that its winter, how often do you water?

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    Apr 2006

    Default still watering often!

    I'm still watering quite a lot. At this time of year with the heating on it is so dry in the house I think the water just evaporates really quickly. Some of my dends look well and a couple look a bit wrinkled even on the same watering schedule. I am trying to be careful not to overwater and I am sure I am not. However, only time will tell how they do!!!!

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