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Thread: Size of pot?

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    Default Size of pot?

    When I have repotted I have followed the directions/recommendations on size of pot and I have read everything I can find on this matter and all other orchid matters I am dealing with. I have caught the orchid bug and I am trying to resist adding to my plants faster than my knowledge base, but the plants are becoming irrisistable. Anyway, the question is this: most plants seem to prefer small pots and some of the recommendations seem very small for the orchid in question at the time. If the pot is the right size for the size of the plant, what about the roots? Some of the plants, although needing a small pot have quite sizeable root structures in comparison to the size of the plant and I do not know whether it is okay to force the root system into a seemingly too small pot or whether I should in some way trim the roots.(I already know to take off any damaged or dead roots).I would also appreciate anyone e-mailing me with info regarding online vendors they find send good plantsi.e plants of good quality as opposed to rare types. At this point all I want is to add plants that look attractive to me and are easier to grow(until I know what I am doing better)Thanks

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    Also choose a pot size based on the root mass, not the plant size. The roots should fit comfortably. If they aren't touch the sides of the pot, then the pot is too big. But they shouldn't be squished in either.

    Sometimes one size is a bit too small, and the next one slightly too large. If the plant has thick roots, I'd err up a size, but use potting medium to push the roots out to the sides of the pot. If their thin, fine roots, err down a size.

    Don't pack the medium too tightly. With bark that's hard to do, but with moss, keep it quite loose to allow sufficient air pockets.

    What types of plants are you looking for. List some genera. Most growers tend to specialize.


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    The general rule is to allow for two years growth or less. Trimming roots is no good. Dont do it!

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