Well, there is little sun left for my babies to be doing anymore growing. The temperatures have dropped so most everything with my Aerangidinae is on hiatus. Rest my darlings, rest.

Things that are going to start going on a water restriction for winter.

Aerangis punctata
Aerangis luteo alba v. rhodosticta
Mystacidium braebonae
Mystacidium capense
Solenangis aphyllum

I have an Aerg modesta that has five spikes growing and growing, so I think I am going to let that on stay on the watering schedule. Its mounted and dries fairly quickly so I think its safe with four fans keeping it dry.

Psychopsiella limminghei is also going on a bit of a winter drought. Still wetting the back of the fern fiber after it dries out, but thats it. No water around the roots on the front of the mount.