The Philippine Horticultural Society, Inc. (PHSI) is having the annual garden show entitled HORTICULTURE 2007: Asian Gardens this February 3 to 12, 2007 at the Manila Seedlings Bank Environmental Center in EDSA corner Quezon Avenue Quezon City. The Horticulture 07’ Show also coincides with the 30th year Anniversary of the Manila Seedlings Bank Foundation. The grand opening will be on February 2, 2007 (Friday) 4pm at Greenhouse 2 of Manila Seedling Bank Environmental Center. Guest of Honor is Mr. Bienvenido R. Tantoco Jr. and Mr. Romeo V. Jacinto. The Horticulture 07’ opening is strictly for members, invited guests and the press only.

HORTICULTURE 2007: Asian Gardens
Year after year, PHSI sets new garden themes for its annual show. Landscapes inspired by the Sea, Visions of Paradise, Experimental and Futuristic Landscapes and The Fern and Aroid Show are among the Philippine Horticultural Society’s past garden themes.

This year, HORTICULTURE 2007: Asian Gardens will focus on the different landscaping styles of Asian countries. Aside from having a tropical and exotic appeal, Asian gardens are also known to be influenced by its rich ethnic and cultural ancestry. The appreciation for such unique landscape designs is gaining worldwide popularity. Nong Nooch and Queen Sirikhit Gardens (Thailand), Botanical Gardens (Singapore), Balinese gardens (Indonesia), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Zen gardens of Japan…

The HORTICULTURE SHOW is one of the much awaited garden event every year. The Manila Seedling Bank Environmental Center Greenhouse 2 becomes the arena of the finest plants and landscapes vying for the Best in Show, Best Cultured Plant and Best Landscape Booth for 2007.

The plant competition is open to the public.

1. Serapion Metilla
2. Vic Chin and Rap Eugenio
3. Reeya Luna
4. Willy Marbella
5. Philippine Horticultural Society Community Booth
6. PHSI Fern and Aroid Study Group
7. King Louis Plants and Flowers
8. Philippine Orchid Society
9. University of the Philippines Landscape Architecture Group
10. Natural Stone Society of the Philippines
11. Philippine Bonsai Society
12. Fairview Garden Club
13. Pinoy Aquatics
14. Flower Club of the Philippines
15. Manila Seedling Bank Foundation
16. Herpetological Society of the Philippines
17. Haribon Foundation
18. Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines

Schedule of Lecture Series (Partial)
Date Topic Time
February 3, 2007 (Sat.) Feng Shui in Asian Gardens 3PM
by: Chat Alejandro

February 4, 2007 (Sun.) How to care for Cactus and Succulent 10AM
by: Peter Bangayan

Hoyas and Related plants 3PM by: Patrick Gozon

February 5, 2007 (Mon.) Growing annual flowering plants from seeds 3 PM by: Vic Chin

February 6, 2007 (Tues.) Carnivorous Plants 3 PM by: Merlin Sy

February 7, 2007 (Wed.) Orchid growing for beginners 3 PM by: Jun Golamco

February 8, 2007 (Thurs.) Producing mutant varieties
by Gamma Irradiation 3 PM by: Fernando Aurigue

February 9, 2007 (Fri.) Growing decorative fruit trees on containers 3 PM by: Zac Sarian

February 10, 2007 (Sat.) Asian flower arrangement 10AM by: Edgar Littaua

Sansevierias 3 PM by: Vangie Go

February 11, 2007 (Sun.) Euphorbias 10 AM by: Fred Salud

Introduction to Plant Arts 3 PM by: Serapion Metilla

I. Aroids A- Aglaonema/Dieffenbachia
a. Aglaonema Colored (Red, Pink, Orange, Purple)
b. Aglaonema Other than Colored (White, Green, Yellow)
c. Dieffenbachia

II. Aroids B- Alocasia Type
a. Alocasia, Colocasia, or similar
b. Caladium, Syngonium, Xanthosoma, or similar
c. Schismatoglottis, Homalomena, Spathiphyllum, and other Rosette Type and Single Leaf Type.

III. Aroids C- Anthurium Type
a. Anthurium Birdnest Type
b. Anthurium Other Type
c. Philodendron Self-heading Type
d. Philodendron, Monstera, Raphidophora, Scindapsus and other Vine Type

IV. Palms/Cycads
a. Palm
b. Cycad

V. Bromeliads A - Neoregelia
a. Neoregelia Variegated Type (basic color green)
b. Neoregelia Colored Type
c. Neoregelia Clump Forming Type

VI. Bromeliads B - Others
a. Tillandsia
b. Guzmania, Bilbergia, Aechmea, or similar
c. Vriesea, Alcantarea, or similar
d. Cryptanthus

VII. Cacti
a. Columnar
b. Globular
c. Clustering
d. Others

VIII. Succulents
a. Sansevieria
b. Euphorbia except E. milii Type
c. Agave or similar
d. Flowering Succulent (E. milii, Adenium, Kalanchoe, etc…)
e. Others

IX. Ferns A - Rosette Type
a. Birdnest Asplenium Cresting or Branching Type
b. Birdnest Asplenium Other than Cresting and Branching Type
c. Rosette Ferns other than Birdnest Asplenium

X. Ferns B - Non-Rosette Type
a. Microsorum Crested or Branching Type
b. Microsorum Other than Crested or Branching Type.
c. Platycerium (Staghorn)
d. Other Non-Rosette Types

XI. Orchid Hybrid
a. Monopodial
b. Sympodial

XII. Orchid Species
a. Foreign
b. Philippine

XIII. Foliage

XIV. Philippine Native Species except orchid

XV. Variegated Plants and Other Mutants
a. Variegated Plants
b. Other Mutants

XVI. Aquatic
a. Floating
b. Submerged
c. Bog or Swamp Type

XVII. Perennial Flowering Plants except orchid

XVIII. Annual Flowering Plants

XIX. Bonsai - Local

XX. Bonsai - Foreign

XXI. New Philippine Hybrid

Special Competition

I. Plant Arts
(Bottle Gardening, Tray Landscaping, Terrarium, Vivarium, Mini Waterfall, Aquascaping, Planted Driftwood, Topiary, etc…)

II. Suiseki

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