For those who grow their own pumpkins, or who buy and extra - here is a pumpkin soup recipe that I was given by one of my hostesses while visiting New Zealand some years back..... with a slight addition of my own.

Vanilla Pumpkin Soup

1 Pumpkin
2 Onions
1 Leek
5oz Butter
1 Chicken bouillon cube
5 cups Water
1/4cup Cream
1/2cup Milk
1 Vanilla Infusion or Vanilla Bean or Vanilla Nectar or
1 teaspoon Pure Ground Vanilla
Salt - Pepper

Reasonably good Sherry

Cut pumpkin in cubes, slices onions and leek.
Combine vegetables, chicken bouillon cube, water, salt and pepper
in a soup pot, cover. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for
45 minutes until vegetables are tender.

While waiting, pour yourself a glass of sherry, sit back and relax.

Meanwhile, bring milk to a boil in microwave. Remove and add Vanilla
Infusion or Vanilla Bean split lengthwise or Pure Ground Vanilla or
Vanilla Nectar. Let infuse for 20 minutes.

While infusing, pour another glass of sherry, sit back and hope the timer going off wakes you up.

Blend the mixtures in a food processor.

Be sure not to get fingers into food processor. Use sherry as anesthetic if you do.

Return mixture to pot and warm over low heat.

While warming, take a couple of quick sips out of the sherry bottle. Try not to lose your balance while standing over that hot stove.

Add butter, cream and Vanilla infused milk. Season with salt
and pepper if needed.
(and of course a dash of sherry wouldn't hurt!)

Fortify yourself with big slog of sherry from the bottle and get ready to serve the soup. Or - take a big slog of sherry from the bottle, go lie down and let everyone help themselves!

Serve in soup plates and garnish with fresh basil leaves.