Before you post, please....

1. Make sure your photograph actually belongs under this heading.

2. Resize your photograph so that it does not exceed 700 pixels X 700 pixels in length and width. Photographs larger than these dimensions or 200 Kb will not be accepted by the system for upload.

3. Ask yourself if the image you want to upload adds value: have you posted a similar image recently? Has someone else? Will your photograph provide significantly new information? If it will, go ahead and upload it! If not, hold off. More is not always better, and, very often, less is more. Go for quality, not quantity.

4. Please post no more that 5 images per post. Reply to your own thread to add additional images. Want to share 10 photos? Do it by posting half in your opening post in your thread and then reply and share the remaining half.

5. Please post different topics (different orchids) in their own thread. Do not post a generic thread called 'X orchids' and then add all of your different X type orchids to that thread. Instead, create a new thread for each specific orchid and title the thread with that particular orchid's name.

We appreciate your adhering to these guidelines.