As mentioned elsewhere I have been a bit computer busy, and haven't posted anything that I had intended to.

Tom and I went to the GB Orchid Society show at Wisley a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I would share some photos with you...

I think my favourites from this trip were the Sedirea japonica, Vanda tricolour, Pleione Volcanello and the Wilsonara Widecombe Fair. Oh and the Cyp Japonicum and the Dend. Kuniko.

Let's face it, I liked them all!

GB Orchid Show Album

Anyway, I am not certain how to link to photos online, other than by linking you to my album page, so please follow the link...

Oh, and if I understood the Phal Lobbii versus parishii discussion correctly, I think we have a couple of parishii photos.