Well, the contest for cattleya articles is now closed. That doesn't mean that we should stop writing. Now there is even less stress involved in creating an article for the library. hehehehe...

LINK to the Cattleya Section of the Article Pages - Read them here and then return to vote.

Anyway on to selecting the 'best' of the 'best'. Here is how this poll will work. Voting will last for exactly 10 days (counting today). IT will start today (May 20th, 2007) and last until 6:00 p.m. on May 29, 2007(Tuesday). That seems like plenty of time to let everyone who is interested - vote. Plus this way I can mail the plant on Wednesday 30th.

Here is what needs to happen now. The people who entered articles will now need to send me their mailing address or the address of their designated recipient. Please PM this information to me -even if you think I have it - because I don't! LOL.

And now to the voting. Every member will be allowed one vote. Your vote will be anonymous to the general forum, but the administrator (me) will be able to see who voted and from where to keep things fair.

Congratulations to all of the entries for they are helping grow our forum. You are all winners just for participating. Thanks for your participation and a huge thanks to Katie (desertgal) for the prize!