I am pleased to announce the public release of the OrchidTalk Toolbar ver. 2.1.0 - GOLD!This is a major update from version 1.0. I am attaching a few images below to show some of the functions. Once again, this toolbar is for FIREFOX Browsers. It is an extension that can easily be installed, and completely removed should you choose to remove it.

I have been working on this update for awhile now and feel it is bug free. If you find a link that doesn't do what you expect, or if you would like to make recommendation for the next update, please reply to this thread.

For the IE users out there: I worked very hard and got very close to a functioning toolbar for your browser, but the coding is to complex since Microsoft doesn't like to share with developers. I will keep trying, but I recommend you download and install FIREFOX. I love the security of the Firefox browser and like how smooth it works. The OrchidTalk Orchid Forum is designed and implemented in FireFox, so for the best features of the forum, Firefox is the way to go. JMHO.

This toolbar is free to our members. IF you cannot access it, you may not have enough posts or may not have been a member of the forum long enough. Check back after you post a few more times. If you like it and want to make a contribution for future development, click on this Donate Link. Thanks!

More information can be found here: ORCHIDTALK TOOLBAR 2.1.0 - GOLD