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Thread: Flasking Media for Paphs

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    Aug 2004

    Default Flasking Media for Paphs

    A question for those who flask, what media works best for paph seeds?

    I've been told that Robert Ernst media is very good, but I don't think you can buy it pre-made. And I don't want to get into making media from scratch.

    Has anyone tried Western media? Westerns web site says paphs do well on it.

    I have some seeds on there way to me and would like to get them off to the best start.


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    Naturally, I would say the Nascent Orchids media is the very best in the world, by far. But it is not available for sale.

    The best you can currently buy is Western Media W-3.

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    Aug 2004


    Thanks Steve,
    Thats what I use and I am very happy with it. I have had very good germination. I would like to try the media for tissue quick lab, but its only available in 10 litre batches.
    Whats different about your formula?


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    The difference in the forumulas is this. All current orchid medias are based on the original tobacco media that was developed by Muriashige half a century ago. They are only slight modifications to accomodate orchids.

    Orchid are different from tobacco. Mine uses totally unique chemicals that are not found in other medias, different ratios, hormone free, and it is based on the tissue analysis of only the very healthiest wild paphiopedilums so we know exactly what paphs need, not what tobacco and paphs share in common. These were by no means developed by myself, as I am not a degreed scientist, but through many many trials, analysis, and lots of money, and is perfected by our private orchid scientists.

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    Aug 2004


    Assuming your media is designed with paphs in mind, isn't that a lot of work to go through?

    From my (limited) experience with western 3, I would say it is a pretty complete media. My germination rates are well above 50%. True I have never used it with some harder to germinate species like sanderianum or armeriacum but with the more common species it works great.

    When I was researching the best media to use for paphs, most articles said that germination is usually poor and in consitant. With western 3 it is high and all seeds germinate at roughly the same time.

    More power to you if you've created a superior media, and I probably be one of the first people to give it a try when you start selling it, but wouldn't all your resources be put to better use then re-inventing the wheel?

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    No, I don't think we've reinvented the wheel at all! Most paph medias take 18 months to mature the seed to deflasking size. Ours does it in less than 10 months. Most have germination rates of about 45%, ours is well over 85%. Virtually all the viable seed germinates.

    We also have developed medias for cloning paphiopedilums, cattleya cloning mediums with mutation rates of <1:1000, seed pod enhancing pastes, germination soaks, etc. If you would like, I can send you a demo amount of the seed pod paste for the price of shipping. It will make your seed pods develop faster, and with more viable seed, and I'll take the pepsi challenge on it.

    As to it being a lot of work... yes it is. But we will be the very best in the world, and that is our aim.

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    Apr 2005


    You go Steve!!! That sounds very interesting. By the time you guys have the stuff ready for sale I will be starting my hybredization, Hopefully. So keep up the good work and I look forward to trying your products when my need arises and your selling product. Good Luck!! Thanks for shareing the info

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    Jan 2006


    Steve, drop me an email about how I can get my hands on your mix.
    somphon@valeoconsultant.com or somphon_w@hotmail.com


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    Dec 2008
    Honolulu, Hawaii
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    Anyone know if this stuff became available?

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