After a long hiatus, we've finally got our 3-D chat world, Casmira, back online. (Brings back memories--sheesh!)

If you want to chat with other members live, (um, you and at least someone else need to be in there at the same time, close enough to see each other...) it's kind of a neat place to do it.

Click here to read more. You can download the app by clicking on the blue pic on that page. It runs on WinXP and earlier (have no idea about Vista), but if you use a Mac you'll have to run some kind of Windows emulator to get it to work.

Several people along with BD and me have built some cool things in there--if you get interested enough, have some time, and want to try building there, pm me or Bruce.

Anyway, check it out; walk around, fly, click on stuff--it's a pretty big place--would be neat to get it populated again.