Hello! It's been a long while since I've posted here (with my avid previous activity of about two or three posts! Ha ha ha), since college and everything sort of got in the way. Since I last posted, I went to Swaziland, Africa and saw a TON of awesome native orchids (and a bunch happened to be in bloom while I was there! Unfortunately, I never seemed to have my camera on me. ) However, this isn't why I'm posting.

I'm gonna try to attach a couple of pictures of this Neofinetia Falcata that I just purchased. My third orchid! My roommate is starting to get concerned (heh heh heh)! Now, I bought this kind of on a whim----vendor information removed - see FAQs on posting ---- because it said it was fragrant, I had an empty spot on my desk, and because I've wanted a new orchid for a while! (My other two are a pink phal, and a white mini phal. I've only ever gotten the pink phal to bloom, and when it did it only had one flower! Still a proud moment for me nonetheless!)

But after buying it, I started to read about it, and a lot of the information I could find (what wasn't in Japanese) seemed to contradict itself in some areas, and I just was confused. Now, I don't know what kind of sunlight to give this thing, for starters. It seems like a lot of places said to give it a lot of sun, and some places said mostly shady! Now, I'm not in the sunniest spot (my window is a NNW facing window. I'm quite jealous of my neighbor, who I can SEE has direct sunlight!). So what I've been doing is sitting it by the window, and putting my desk lamp on and facing it towards it for a few hours a day. There is one of those energy saver mini fluorescent bulbs in it, so it doesn't get too hot. I've attached pictures of my current, erm, "situation" I have this orchid in.

Another thing I found out is that there are tens of thousands of varieties of these, and I have no idea what mine is. So any ID help there would be nice, though with the huge variety, not expected! :-)

I really like this guy, and don't want to lose it! It's about 8 inches tall, and has two smaller growths along with it, and it seems to be sprouting a new leaf out the top. So I guess that's good. Anyway, any help you awesome people here could give me would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks again,


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