Total orchid newbie here! A couple of weeks ago, I acquired a Phal which was left over from the annual Mother's Day sale. I was totally new to orchids and it was something of an impulse purchase, so I did a lot of research after the fact, and I'm sort of playing catch-up trying to nurse it back to optimum health after being stuck inside a plastic bag in a pot with no drainage holes inside a big box store for a while.

It was double potted, with a clear plastic pot inside a larger, showier ceramic pot. I took the plastic pot out of the ceramic pot, which had a small amount of water in the bottom. I am concerned that the potting medium is too wet or that the roots sat in water for too long and that I may need to take quick action to salvage it. There is visible moisture inside of the clear plastic pot, and there are a couple of small mushrooms growing in there. They don't appear to be growing on the roots, but I'm not sure whether this is a relatively harmless thing that happens when you have moist plant matter or if I should be worried.

I am going to order new potting media very shortly when I get paid, so I will have that ready for when repotting does need to happen.

The plant is currently in bloom, though some of the flowers are starting to wither. Does it seem healthy? Are the roots too wet/starting to rot or is this a good level of moisture? Should I repot it asap or is it okay to wait until the blooms fall off? Should I worry about the mushrooms? These may be silly questions, but I'm very new to orchids and I don't quite know what I should be looking for yet!

Thanks! Here are some pictures:

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